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Residential Air Conditioning Units: It is no fun when your air conditioning unit stops working on a hot day, the trouble is that the modern heating and cooling systems are more complex than most home owners would be able to handle even if they had the proper tools and equipment to make the repairs. The good news is that a trained heating and cooling technicians can usually diagnose and repair your system in one day.

air-conditioning-repair-service-hvac-picCommercial Air Conditioning Units: The other day I was at a mall that was hot inside, it seemed a bit unusual because malls like to keep the temperature very cool for the customers enjoyment. On this hot muggy day on the east coast this was not my idea of shopping, we also heard complaints from other shoppers about the heat inside the building. Just like we left the mall and went some where else, we are sure many other customers did the same. Could air conditioning problems be causing  your customers to go some where else, do not wait for air conditioning problems to strike on a hot day, have your air conditioning system service regularly by a trained air conditioning technician.

Cool Weather & Your Heater: I was sure surprised when I realized there was no filters in the air ducts of a house I moved into, the house was not more than 5 years old. I unscrewed the vent cover, there was no way to open it like a normal vent cover. I then had to shove the filter in the opening, this caused the filter to get sucked up when the a/c unit was on, it also made a new noise I never heard before. These air ducts were clearly not designed to have a filter at the intake source. Finally I found the filters inside the furnace unit in the attic. What a disaster, imagine all the dust and dirt in the ducts simply because there in no filter at the beginning of the duct.

Warm Weather Time To Change The Filters: With the warm weather it is time to think about cleaning your air duct filters and think about servicing your HVAC unit. A trained licensed heating and cooling technician will come out and test your system to see if there are any problems. When you are changing the air duct filters take a good look inside the ducts to see if they need a good cleaning. if you need a free quote on air duct cleaning.

Be Sure To Take A Look At Your Air Vents: If your air vents get clogged with dirt, lint and dust they become a collection agency for all kinds of pollen and allergens. Children and older folks seem to be more susceptible to dust and pollen in the air ask about vent cleaning service. Dryer vents can also be a problem dust, lint and fibers clog up the vent over time and can start a fire inside the vent when they get clogged up. These clogged dryer vents are the number one cause of home fires.  Some insurance companies require that dryer vents be cleaned yearly.

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